Controls & Power Electronics

TOPS supply a wide variety of drive electronics and controllers. Controllers are available from micro through to kilowatt ranges for both A.C. and D.C. devices. The controller is a link interface between the supply line work and the devices such as electric motors/machines.

The different types of motion controls

BLDC control
BLDC control

Once you have decided what the controller has to achieve, it is then possible to start reviewing the performance and design of controller most suitable for your installation.
It may be that a controller contained on one circuit board would be sufficient for your application; or you may need complex controllers for a complete system including:

  • Networks
  • Operator interface
  • Workstations
  • Integrated process controllers
  • Remote operation
  • Reporting
  • Libraries
  • Full range of I/O distribution

If you provide us with your system architecture, we will assist you with your controller selection.

The differents categories of drive products

The drive products are divided into the following categories:

  • Industrial A.C./D.C. drives
  • Stepper motor systems
  • Servo motion controllers
  • Motion control systems
  • Drive software

A control adapted to your application

Selecting a drive, we need to adapt to your machines or installation.
We will need to know:

  • The number of motor shafts that you want to drive
  • Their power rating (kW)

The speed range and torque requirements will also need to be established as well as any special requirements relating to environmental conditions.

Our experience in many diverse applications enables us to supply a drive controller with confidence, knowing that our products will meet your automation needs.

TOPS range of controls include:

Stepper Motor Systems

Stepper motor controllers feature in a number of applications with the basic following engineering solutions:

Stepper drivers
Stepper drivers
  • Rack/pinion type
  • Belt type
  • Cam type
  • Leadscrew type
  • Arm type
  • Linear type

Our stepper motors can be driven from single IC devices through to multi-axis controllers.

The basic stepper motor driver requires a pulse generator which determines the motor speed and angle (deg°) of rotation, a driver that can switch the winding current in sequence and, of course, a D.C. power source.

To drive stepping motors at very low speed and with extremely minute angular increments, we provide microstepping drivers.

Microstepping functions by dividing the specified step angle further by increasing the current in one of the excited phases slowly and decreasing the current in the other phase gradually to provide a perfectly smooth rotation.

A new range of stepper motor drives has just been released.

Servo Motion Controllers

A.C./D.C servo controllers are for use with motors and precision gear drives designed to function in automation and robotic applications. High performance is key to the "servo package" and normally the "servo controller" is part of a complete motion control package for both rotative or linear movements in a system, machine or robot complex.

Brushless Servo Motor Controllers (high performance)
Servo Amplifiers

Digital drivers for motor management of high torque, positioning, velocity, multi-axis capability and software options/PC/bus.

Servo controllers
Servo controllers
  • Excellent global product NEMA and IEC metric sizes
  • High continuous torques
  • High speed ranges
  • Function with precision gearboxes, clutches and brakes
  • Compatible with encoders, tachometers, resolvers
  • Function with bus/net for automation and robotics
    Also with PC, PLC and system integration, I/O facility
  • Brushless D.C. motors provide:
    • Silent operation
    • Speed
    • High torque
    • Low maintenance
    • Long life
    • High reliability

Multi-channel servo controllers (amplifiers) are made up of:

  • Decoders
  • Analog I/O, digital I/O
  • Timers
  • Bus solutions
  • Multi-axis drives and software options for multi-tasks
  • Data acquisitions
  • Windows® drives
  • Motion control libraries